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  • Anti Bullshit Pills
    Cool Gifts

    Anti-Bullshit Pills For A Chronic Bullshitter

    These anti-bullshit pills are sure to silence those with chronic bullshit syndrome. We all have that one friend who’s always spouting rubbish stories about how many people they’ve slept with, or friends they can drink.

  • Poo Warning Sign
    Funny Gifts

    Poo Warning Sign

    This hilarious ‘Satisfying Poo’ warning sign is the perfect gag gift for friends and co-workers who love to cause a stink. Perfectly sized to fit on a desk, this is a hilarious toilet humour gag gift for co-workers.

  • Sandal Fries and Ketchup Tray
    Funny Gifts

    Sandal Fries and Ketchup Tray

    Step up your snacks experience with a very dope Sandal Fries and Ketchup Tray. Put these out on your next dinner party. Put a variety of dipping sauces in the toes and you’ll raise a few eyes and smiles.

  • Dick Pop Up Card
  • Personalised Slag Mug
  • It’s Not A Whore House It’s A Whore Home
  • Elbow Drop Rear Wiper Blade Decal
  • Naughty Plug Decal
  • Sprinkle Donut Throw Pillow
  • Demotivational Pens
  • funny doodle earrings
  • Ogre Ears Croc Charms
  • Dinosaur Toilet Roll Holder
    Funny Gifts

    Dinosaur Toilet Roll Holder

    Brighten up your bathroom with this cool Dinosaur toilet roll holder. No need to worry about being eaten by a T-Rex or Velociraptor! Now you can just enjoy being handed a piece of 3 ply toilet paper for your derriere.

  • Poseable Silicone Hands
    Funny Gifts

    Poseable Silicone Hands

    There are so many uses for these poseable silicone hands. From placing items like your jewellery onto or for just freaking out your friends, they are a fun time waiting to be had.

  • The Big Beertha
    Funny Gifts

    The Big Beertha

    The Big Beertha is a full-sized golf driver shaped beer bong. Big Beertha fits best in your golf bag, livening up golf outings and bachelor trips. The perfect gift for those who like to get a little rowdy, but do so with class & style.

  • Perky Kitchen Gadgets
    Cool Gadgets

    Perky Kitchen Gadgets

    Perk up any kitchen with this Mr and Mrs Perky kitchen gadgets. Sir Perky will open any bottle whilst the stoppers will fit in most bottles, whether they be wine, vodka, bourbon, or even your favorite beer growler.

  • Titanic Pool Float
    Funny Gifts

    Titanic Pool Float

    This original Titanic Pool Float will finally answer the age-old question, “Could Rose have saved Jack?”. The answer is that of course she could have, but he chose to rather drown. Not that is the question that we should be asking!

  • Personalised Bobblehead
    Funny Gifts

    Personalised Bobblehead

    A Personalised Bobblehead is a great gift for your significant other. You can get them set as a Doctor, Golfer, Pilot or even a Chained Up Woman. No judgements here, but whatever you get, they are sure to love it!

  • Inflatable Husband - Funny Gifts For Girls
    Funny Gifts

    Inflatable Husband

    He doesn’t have a stable job but blow this inflatable husband up and you’ll at least have peace and quiet. No more toilet seat up or hairs in the sink, plus the best thing is that he never answers back!

  • Recycled Fcks - Rude Gifts - NSFW Gift Ideas
    Funny Gifts

    Recycled F*cks Bag

    If we have to bring our own bags to the shops we may as well have some fun shopping! This Recycled F*cks Bag is the perfect gift for that person who has no more f*cks to give.

  • Emoji Pants - Funny Gifts For Girls
    Funny Gifts

    Funny Leggings

    Look hot and give a giggle with these funny leggings for women. From emoji prints to Piggies to Avocados, work up a sweat on your next run or Gym workout and get a lot more attention and smiles.

  • Goth Bath Bombs
    Funny Gifts

    Goth Bath Bombs

    Now you can bathe in the darkness with these charcoal goth bath bombs. They will turn your bath water as dark as your mood. Perfect for wallowing in your sorrows, but also to soothe and relax your muscles.

  • Mini Marshmallow Toasting Kit
    Funny Gifts

    Mini Marshmallow Toasting Kit

    The Mini Marshmallow Toasting Kit will help you experience the thrill of a campfire and the mouth watering smell of toasted marshmallows. No need to brave the great outdoors. This is a fun and tasty gift.

  • Belly Button Brush - Unique Gifts For Guys
    Funny Gifts

    Belly Button Brush

    The belly button brush is for the man who has everything. Packaged in a quality box and with quality bristles, everyone will be laughing when he opens and starts to use this funny gift.

  • Laptop Pants - Funny Gifts
    Funny Gifts

    Laptop Pants

    These huge laptop pants may make your butt look big, but they’ll certainly make your life easier. These cool jeans feature one huge back pocket that stretches across the entire bum. Now you can pack all your essentials for an entire day.

  • Redneck Plunger - Funny Gifts for the Home
    Funny Gifts

    Shotgun Plunger

    The Redneck Shotgun Plunger puts the fun into a nasty toilet task. Not only does this actually plunge but it also makes live shotgun sounds. It even stands on its end ready for duty. This is the ultimate essential funny Redneck gift.

  • Fuck Rug - Funny Gifts For The Home - Young Man Gift Ideas
    Funny Gifts

    F*ck Rug

    Classy up your home with the F*ck Rug. One of, if not the, greatest words ever devised. It can convey anger, amazement, joy, sadness and more. Now everytime you look down you have a cool rug that says what you are thinking.

  • Wash Away The Gay Soap - Funny Prank Gifts
    Funny Gifts

    Wash Away the Gay Soap

    Reduce gayness by up to 69% with this Wash Away The Gay Soap.  Not yet out of the closet? Have to go back home to mommy and daddy for the weekend and afraid to let your freak flag fly? This extra straight strength soap can help! Gay be gone.

  • Jizz the Game
    Cool Games

    Jizz The Game

    Games night will never be the same again after you play Jizz The Game. It is exactly what you think it is. Just fill the balls up with your substance of choice. Spin the dial to see how many pumps and where to aim it and then pump away.

  • Penis Wine Decanter
    Funny Gifts

    Penis Wine Decanter

    Take your classy dinner party to the next level with this Penis Wine Decanter. Just fill it with your favorite alcoholic drink of choice and then watch your guests faces as you fill up their glasses. Perfect for wine, whiskey or any liquor of your choice.

  • Napsack - Funny Prank Gifts
    Funny Gifts

    The Napsack

    Now you can take a nap anytime and anywhere with the Napsack. It is a perfect environment for a peaceful sleep, so slip on your private oasis and grab your forty winks anywhere you are.

  • Puking Kitty Gravy Boat
    Funny Gifts

    Puking Kitty Gravy Boat

    Add some much needed class to dinner time with this Puking Kitty Gravy Boat. Watch as everyone exclaims “ooh la laa”, as you pour your thick gravy over everyone’s food from the mouth of this vomiting cat. Yummy!

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