Gifts For Girls

  • Peekaboo Cat Key Holder
    Gifts For Girls

    Peekaboo Cat Key Holder

    A peekaboo cat key holder adds a touch of charm and personality to any home or office. This key hook is shaped like a box with a hook attached. When you hang your keys on it, a cat figurine pops out.

  • Personalised Slag Mug
  • Dress Weights
  • Sprinkle Donut Throw Pillow
  • Yoga Poses Poster
  • Vinyl Car Air Freshener
  • Personalized Lighters
  • funny doodle earrings
  • Sleep Wireless Earphone
  • Full Length Wavy Mirror
  • No Sunglasses
    Gifts For Girls

    No Sunglasses

    Wear these ‘No Sunglasses’ and let the world know that you are not a ‘Yes girl’. What you would be saying “No” to, we wouldn’t know, but hey, it’s good to leave them guessing.

  • Ergonomic Meditation Seat
    Gifts For Girls

    Ergonomic Meditation Seat

    This Ergonomic Meditation Seat helps you to comfortably sit cross-legged. This unique seat is perfect for those who struggle with numbness or discomfort in their legs while meditating, practicing yoga, or even just watching TV.

  • pixelated clothes
    Gifts For Girls

    Pixelated Clothing

    Stand out from the crowd with some pixelated clothing. From a jacquard short sleeve top to trousers in duchesse silk satin. From a pixelated jacquard hoodie in technical knit to a cuboid puzzle bag, Loewe will help you look amazing in 2D.

  • Pen Fidget Toy
    Cool Gadgets

    Pen Fidget Toy

    This pen fidget toy is the ultimate executive stress relief gift. Comprised of three carbon fiber sticks that hold together with powerful magnets makes this a very unique toy to help break bad habits and while away the boredom.

  • Interactive PT Mirror
    Cool Gadgets

    Interactive PT Mirror

    Turn up your training sessions to the max with this Interactive PT Mirror. Choose one of 10,000 workouts to stream and see your reflection alongside your personal trainer on a full HD display.

  • Skull Slides - Cool Gifts For Girls
    Gifts For Girls

    Skull Slides

    Show everyone your dark side with these Skull Slides. These unique shoes come in a range of color options to choose from, including beige, black, grey, purple-gold, dark blue, white, and light grey. There’s a pair to match any outfit.

  • Spring Ear Wax Cleaner
    Gifts For Girls

    Spring Ear Wax Cleaner

    Thoroughly clean and massage your ear canal with this spring wax ear cleaner. The reusable ear cleaner is designed with a spiral head which can be rotated 360 degrees at will. The flexible spiral head easily fits into your ear canal.

  • Wearable Sleeping Bag
    Gifts For Girls

    Wearable Sleeping Bag

    Stay cozy, warm and mobile wherever you are with this wearable sleeping bag. Perfect for your camping trips, sleepovers, backpacking, working at home, road trips, RV, beach nights, hammock or even lounging at home.

  • Titanic Pool Float
    Funny Gifts

    Titanic Pool Float

    This original Titanic Pool Float will finally answer the age-old question, “Could Rose have saved Jack?”. The answer is that of course she could have, but he chose to rather drown. Not that is the question that we should be asking!

  • Long Distance Kissing Device
    Gifts For Girls

    Long Distance Kissing Device

    Long lost touch is a long distance kissing device that uses data and sensors to allow the users to feel like they are actually kissing each other. The future’s here and we don’t know if we like it anymore.

  • Personalised Bobblehead
    Funny Gifts

    Personalised Bobblehead

    A Personalised Bobblehead is a great gift for your significant other. You can get them set as a Doctor, Golfer, Pilot or even a Chained Up Woman. No judgements here, but whatever you get, they are sure to love it!

  • Rose Wine Bath Bombs - Cool Gifts For Girls
    Gifts For Girls

    Rosé Wine Bath Bombs

    There is nothing better than at the end of a hard day to get into a hot bath bubbling up with these Rosé Wine Bath Bombs. Pour yourself a glass of wine and then just lie back and let the day wash off you.

  • Giant Wine Glass - Cool Gifts For Girls
    Gifts For Girls

    Giant Wine Glass

    When it’s been a hard day, this giant wine glass is just what you need. Just top it up with your favorite Wine or Champagne. Get in a hot bath and forget that the day ever happened. Ah, bliss!

  • Emoji Pants - Funny Gifts For Girls
    Funny Gifts

    Funny Leggings

    Look hot and give a giggle with these funny leggings for women. From emoji prints to Piggies to Avocados, work up a sweat on your next run or Gym workout and get a lot more attention and smiles.

  • Breast Support Pillow - Cool Gifts For Girls
    Gifts For Girls

    Breast Support Pillow

    This breast support pillow from Kush helps reduce neck and back discomfort. This has been uniquely designed to fit between the breasts to maintain a more natural shape while resting on your side.

  • Goth Bath Bombs
    Funny Gifts

    Goth Bath Bombs

    Now you can bathe in the darkness with these charcoal goth bath bombs. They will turn your bath water as dark as your mood. Perfect for wallowing in your sorrows, but also to soothe and relax your muscles.

  • Outdoor Wine Glass Holder - Cool Gifts For Her
    Cool Gadgets

    Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

    Never lose a glass of vino again with the outdoor wine glass holder. Now you can finally enjoy eating, reading, or concert viewing without the need to hold the wine glass in your lap or set on the ground.

  • Deodorant For Life
    Cool Gadgets

    Deodorant For Life

    This deodorant for life is a game changer!  It is a refillable, reusable, washable deodorant applicator. It comes with a unique, natural ‘powder to liquid’ deodorant that is good for you and the planet. No more plastic waste!

  • Fuck Rug - Funny Gifts For The Home - Young Man Gift Ideas
    Funny Gifts

    F*ck Rug

    Classy up your home with the F*ck Rug. One of, if not the, greatest words ever devised. It can convey anger, amazement, joy, sadness and more. Now everytime you look down you have a cool rug that says what you are thinking.

  • Puking Kitty Gravy Boat
    Funny Gifts

    Puking Kitty Gravy Boat

    Add some much needed class to dinner time with this Puking Kitty Gravy Boat. Watch as everyone exclaims “ooh la laa”, as you pour your thick gravy over everyone’s food from the mouth of this vomiting cat. Yummy!

  • McLovin Wine Bottle McLovin Wine Bottle Opener - Cool gifts for wine lovers
    Funny Gifts

    McLovin Wine Bottle Opener

    This McLovin Wine Bottle Opener is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life that has a great sense of humor. McLovin’ the Muscle Man is always on hand to screw the corks! This is the 70s chap that never tires of screwing – wine corks that is!

  • Bind Someone Spell Kit
    Gifts For Girls

    Bind Someone Spell Kit

    If you are struggling to get that special someone to commit to you, then try this ‘Bind Someone To You’ Spell Kit. Hand crafted by the witches at Willow Creek, this spell is apparently very effective. Unlike your dating technique.

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