Unique Gifts

  • Chocolate Toothpaste
    Unique Gifts

    Chocolate Toothpaste

    A Mom and Pediatric Dentist knew how difficult it was to get her children to brush their teeth, so she created Chocolate Toothpaste. It is a great tasting and effective toothpaste that will get kids to brush their teeth.

  • Giant Person Tent
    Unique Gifts

    Giant 20 Person Tent

    The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Giant 20 Person Star Tent with screen room is a castle in the wilderness. This tent has 279 sq ft. of living space with room dividers to create 5 private rooms. Plus each room has its own door for easy access.

  • Realistic Human Face Mask
  • Glass Night Lights
  • Personalized Bat
  • Giant Inflatable Pool
  • Fly Backpack
  • Luxury Pre Fab Tiny Home
  • Mosquito Net Hammock
  • Leather Banana Rocking Chair
    Unique Gifts

    Leather Banana Rocking Chair

    Enjoy an interesting rocking experience with this Leather Banana Rocking Chair. Coming in multiple colors you can be sure that people will think you are quirky but these will get people talking, plus they are super comfy.

  • Chocolate Cheese Puffs
    Unique Gifts

    Chocolate Cheese Puffs

    Chocolate covered Cheese Puffs are the kind of product that sounds weird, but deep down you know that they’ll taste pretty good. Get ready to enjoy one pound of chocolate dipped cheese puffs covered in rainbow sprinkles. Yum!

  • McKnuckleDuster
    Unique Gifts


    Now you can show off your love for McDonald’s while reminding people that you are not be be McScrewed with! Get your own 3D printed plastic McKnuckleduster and be ready to really mess up someone’s order!

  • Shuar Chief Shrunken Head
    Unique Gifts

    Shuar Chief Shrunken Head

    This Shuar Chief Shrunken Head is an item that will get everyone talking! Each Reduced Head is handcrafted and meticulously detailed and is delivered in its personalized wooden box. It’s a perfect creepy display for your desk or bookshelf.

  • Disney Castle Playhouse
    Unique Gifts

    Disney Castle Playhouse

    This Disney inspired Castle is one of those must have playhouses for your little princess. This 13×32 playhouse is 2 storeys and comes with a fully finished interior and lighting accents. Complete interior finish, hand plaster stone work, custom paint and so much more!

  • Functional Square Bike
    Cool Gadgets

    Functional Square Bike

    Perfect for the squares, this fully functional square bike is almost like a normal bicycle but with one modification, square wheels! This concept is fully working and you can ride and make turns. Lot’s of attention guaranteed.

  • Cat Friendly Table - Cool Gifts for Pets
    Gifts For Pets

    Cat Friendly Table

    Now your feline friend can be the centerpiece with this cat friendly table. It has a clever pop out in the middle so that your furry companion can stick their head right through the middle of the table, essentially turning it into an adorable centerpiece.

  • John Wick Bulletproof Suit
    Gifts For Geeks

    John Wick Bulletproof Suit

    The team at HackSmith have created the John Wick Bulletproof Suit that actually works. This Italian style, fully armored, custom-tailored suit is based off John Wick’s “bulletproof” suit from the movie John Wick 2.

  • Long Distance Kissing Device
    Gifts For Girls

    Long Distance Kissing Device

    Long lost touch is a long distance kissing device that uses data and sensors to allow the users to feel like they are actually kissing each other. The future’s here and we don’t know if we like it anymore.

  • Puff The Chicken Bong
    Unique Gifts

    Puff The Chicken Bong

    Be the envy of your buddies add some extra fun to smoke time with Puff The Chicken Bong. It’s a bong that looks like a Chicken and it even squeaks when you smoke it!

  • Gummi Bear Fetus
    Unique Gifts

    Gummi Bear Fetus

    From the twisted mind of Jason Freeny comes this Gummi Bear Fetus. Filled with cherry flavoring, the striking red makes this Gummi Fetus stand out from its siblings. Keep watch, it’s almost time to witness the birth of a sweet treat!

  • Zipper Boat
    Unique Gifts

    Zipper Boat

    Japanese artist, Yasuhiro Suzuki, has opened up the sea with the Zipper Boat. It is a boat shaped like a giant zip. As the vessel glides through the water, the wake looks like a zipper coming undone, suggesting the image of the sea opening up.

  • Breast Milk Lollipop
    Unique Gifts

    Breast Milk Lollipops

    With so many of their friends having babies, the amazing people at Lollyphile decided to create Breast Milk Lollipops. Now they can turn their screaming infant into a contented, placid dream.

  • Outdoor Bubble Tent - Cool Outdoors Gift Ideas
    Unique Gifts

    Outdoor Bubble Tent

    This Outdoor Bubble Tent will allow you to experience the beauty of nature in comfort. Can you imagine watching birds, or seeing the rain or snow coming down while you lie in bed? It seems like an amazing experience.

  • Black Toilet Paper
    Unique Gifts

    Black Toilet Paper

    Buying Black Toilet Paper either means that you are uber classy or that you are afraid to see what you are putting out. Dubbed the ‘sexiest toilet paper on Earth’ it does look cool though. It will certainly have visitors to your powder room wondering why.

  • Worlds Most Expensive Home
    Unique Gifts

    World’s Most Expensive Home

    The Holme in Regents Park, London is the World’s Most Expensive Home and it is for sale.  The 205-year-old mega-mansion is located on the lake. It comprises of 40 bedrooms and 29,000 square feet of living space.

  • Backyard Bee Hive
    Unique Gifts

    Backyard Bee Hive

    Harvest your own honey with the backyard bee hive. Made from premium red cedar wood, the Flow Hive 2+ is the award-winning invention that provides a solution for harvesting honey that’s easier for the beekeeper and gentler on the bees.

  • Bind Someone Spell Kit
    Gifts For Girls

    Bind Someone Spell Kit

    If you are struggling to get that special someone to commit to you, then try this ‘Bind Someone To You’ Spell Kit. Hand crafted by the witches at Willow Creek, this spell is apparently very effective. Unlike your dating technique.

  • Tetris Couch - Cool Gifts For Home - Unique Gift Ideas
    Unique Gifts

    Tetris Couch

    This clever Tetris Couch is the sofa that can fit into any room. This couch has been handcrafted to look just like multi-colored Tetris pieces. Which gives this clever sofa unlimited potential when it comes to fitting it into a space.

  • Mini EcoSystem
    Unique Gifts

    Mini EcoSystem

    The TerraLiving Mini EcoSystem Terrarium is a thing of beauty. This conversation piece is a mesmerizing display of natural beauty. A simple yet captivating work of art that captures the essence of botany in all its vibrant glory.

  • Orgasmatron - Funny Gifts For Girls
    Funny Gifts

    Orgasmatron 3000

    The Orgasmatron 3000 prototype is a leather clad washing machine and saddle. It aims to bring the fun back to housework. Choose a setting from ‘oh!’ right up to ‘oooooooh!” and then climb on for the ride of your life.

  • Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball - The Most Expensive Products on Amazon
    More Gift Ideas

    Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball

    This Mordecai Brown Signed Baseball from the 1920’s is a real collectors piece. Autographed by the ‘three fingers’ maestro himself this fully authenticated ball is worth it’s hefty price tag.

  • GOAT Charm Pendant The Most Expensive Products on Amazon
    More Gift Ideas

    GOAT Charm Pendant

    Do you know someone who is so amazing that they would deserve this GOAT Charm Pendant? A 19k gift to show someone how much they mean to you.

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