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  • The Largest Athletes In The World

    The Largest Athletes In The World

    When it comes to sports, size does matter, usually and these largest athletes win on sheer size alone. Come find out who is the largest athlete of all time and how big they really are.

  • Small Things That Will Make Your Day Worse 1 e1689828035355 (1)

    Small Things That Will Make Your Day Worse

    Some seemingly innocent small things can be surprisingly annoying that they could ruin your day. Take a look at these infuriating images, but be careful as they might make you quite annoyed just by looking at them.

  • Vintage Ads sexist e1689827009248

    Vintage Ads That Are Shocking and Offensive

    When you look back at vintage ads or media it is evident that our values and ideals have greatly changed. If something seems “cringey” to you now, it means that we’ve made some progress as a society. A lot of this vintage ads didn’t stand the test of time and would absolutely never be able to be run today. Many of these would cause quite the controversy today, often because of their misogynistic messaging. Take a look at the ads that used to be printed and prepare to be shocked.

  • Downfall Of Celebrities

    The Downfall Of These Celebrities Was Swift and Brutal

    Everyone loves some good celeb gossip, but these famous people screwed up so big time that their downfall was quick and hard. They ruined their entire careers in no time flat. From major scandals to tragic incidents, these once cream-of-the-crop celebrities managed to do everything perfectly to end their careers.

  • Matrix Persephone e1689819640641

    The Best Action Movie Franchises Of All Time Ranked

    Get ready to yippie-kay-ay with the best action movie franchises of all time ranked from best to worst. Featuring spies, sci-fi, martial arts, cops, comedies and many more. The most popular action series are also some of the greatest action movies of all time.  Are your faves on this list?

  • 80s Sitcom Actors Today 1 e1689809083852

    What Are These 80s Sitcom Actors Are Up To Now?

    You are going to feel old when you see what these famous 1980’s sitcom actors are up to now. From The Wonder Years to The Cosby Show, the nostalgia bug is going to hit you hard.

  • What Happens To You If You Accidentally Eat Mold

    What Happens To You If You Accidentally Eat Mold?

    There are few things more disappointing than being in the mood for a simple slice of toast, then realizing your bread has been contaminated with specks of fuzzy green mold. But what happens to you if you accidentally eat mold? If you’ve ever eaten any sort of moldy food accidentally, don’t fret. In most cases, it’s not a big deal.

  • Terrible Photoshop Attempts

    Terrible Photoshop Attempts That’ll Make You Ask “Why?!”

    Photoshop can be a great tool, but these atttempts will make you scratch your head and wonder why they bothered. These people seem to have just thrown caution to the wind and dove in head first to edit their photos. Blatantly ignoring all of the hundreds of thousands of free tutorials and videos online to help you perfect your photo editing skills. These edits are so bad one thing is clear, whoever edited these photos needs to go back to school.

  • Man Who Died And Came Back To Life Remembers What He Saw

    Man Who Died And Came Back To Life Remembers What He Saw

    A man claims to have seen the afterlife after falling into a coma and has revealed what he saw. After suffering a seizure which left him in a coma for 10 days, the councillor from the UK described what he saw and that he did not like it.

  • Emu War

    Historical Events That Sound Fake But Are Actually True

    History is happening everyday, all around us but sometimes there are historical events that sound so fake that they cannot possible be true, but there are. Here are some of the wildest WTF moments from throughout history.

  • Two Bulls Running While The Jockey Holds On To Them In Pacu Jawi By Rodney Ee

    The Most Beautiful Pictures Of The Year Since 2006

    The Most Beautiful Picture of the Year is a competition created by Commons that was first run in 2006. The contest aims to identify the best freely licensed images from those that during the year have been awarded.

  • Terror As Venomous Monster Sea Snake Slithers From Ocean

    Terror As Venomous Monster Sea Snake Slithers From Ocean

    Beach walkers were greeted with a scary scene when they encountered a highly venomous monster sea snake that had slithered out of the ocean. The fully grown adult sea snake was estimated to be at least 10 years old weighed between two and three kilos.

  • Funny But Harmless Ways That You Can Mess With People 3

    Funny But Harmless Ways That You Can Mess With People

    The best type of funny pranks or ways of messing with people are the harmless ones where no one gets hurt or injured. The victim will even take it in their stride and maybe even laugh alongside you.

  • Jordan Restaurant Offers Beds For A Post Meal Nap

    Jordan Restaurant Offers Beds For A Post Meal Nap

    A Jordan restaurant offers beds for a post meal nap and it is quickly becoming a social media sensation. The restaurant has installed beds so customers can sleep after they eat Mansaf. Mansaf is Jordan’s national dish, which is considered a heavy meal for many.

  • celebrities pay child support 1

    What These Celebrities Pay In Child Support Is Insane

    When you are a celebrity and have money, then paying child support is going to hurt. These monthly payments are eye-watering for us normal people but luckily for these stars, they can more than afford it.

  • The Dark Knight

    Crazy Facts About The Making Of ‘The Dark Knight’

    Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ was released 15 years ago. Acclaimed as one of the greatest superhero movies ever made here are some crazy facts about the making of this amazing sequel. The Dark Knight is the film that cemented Christopher Nolan as the biggest event moviemaker of his generation. The making of this film is a huge one.

  • The Celebrity Couples That Surprised Everyone e1689651272921

    The Celebrity Couples That Surprised Everyone

    It is at times hard to keep up with who is dating whom but every now and again a celebrity couple get together that is so weird that they surprise everyone.

  • Why You Should Never Put Condoms In Suitcases e1689651003850

    Why You Should Never Put Condoms In Suitcases

    Putting condoms in suitcases is not a good thing to do and there is a very good reason for that. Whilst all countries appreciate people practicing safe sex a cargo hold of a plane has some crazy temperatures. That means that the flight may weaken the material and make them more susceptible to breakage. Which you do not want!

  • Horrifying Pictures 3

    These Horrifying Pictures Will Keep You Up Tonight

    Prepare to be terrified with these absolutely horrifying pictures. From collapsed corneas to fingernail-less hands, you will find something that will make you instantly regret opening this post.

  • Remember The Good Old Days With These Discontinued Foods e1689647775342

    Remember The Good Old Days With These Discontinued Foods

    Enjoy a blast from the past with these discontinued foods that we wish were still around. We all have a favorite food from the past that we would love to try again, but sometimes the past is where they belong.

  • Studies Show That Being Overweight Is NOT Bad For You

    Studies Show That Being Overweight Is NOT Bad For You

    A large US study has found that being overweight carried a slightly lower risk of dying within the study period than being a supposedly healthy weight.

    Being overweight may not be so bad for your health after all. The latest evidence comes from a large study where people who were classed as overweight, but not obese. It showed that they had a slightly lower rate of death than people with a supposedly ideal weight. This hints that the threshold at which individuals are classed as overweight has been set too low

  • Bacon Lovers Are Shocked To Learn How It Is Actually Made

    Bacon Lovers Are Shocked To Learn How It Is Actually Made

    A video from the Discovery channel that shows how bacon is made has resurfaced and bacon lovers are shocked at how it is really made. The clip shows some grim insights into how the processed meat is made.

    But many bacon fans say it hasn’t put them off eating the pork product, with some saying it made them want to throw a strip on the grill.

  • Woman Who Married a Ghost Has Now Divorced Him

    Woman Who Married a Ghost Has Now Divorced Him

    A woman who married the ghost of a Victorian soldier last year has revealed that they have now divorced after he became violent. Brocarde, 40, from Oxfordshire, insists she met soldier Edwardo after the ghoul ‘burst’ into her bedroom one night during a storm, but after their ‘wedding’ on Halloween 2022, things went downhill.

    She added, ‘He grew increasingly more aggressive and nasty and began to haunt me with the sound of a screaming baby,’ she said.

  • Amazing Tattoos 1

    Amazing Tattoos That Will Melt Your Mind

    We all love amazing tattoos don’t we. Tatts where you can see that someone really has put some effort, time and money into making it special. These trippy inks will melt your mind and maybe give you inspiration.

  • R Rated Scenes That Were Cut From Popular Video Games

    R-Rated Scenes That Were Cut From Popular Video Games

    There are times when video game designers try and get r-rated scenes into the end product. Here are a number of video game edits, both reasonable and ridiculous, that had to be cut from popular video games.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, accidentally caused a massive stir that led to the game becoming a hot topic of debate in the US Congress. Shortly after launch, hidden code in the game was uncovered with a mod called “Hot Coffee”. It gave players access to a very rude and NSFW scene mini-game that wasn’t intended to be playable in the final release. Australia outright banned the game and it initially received an Adults Only (AO) rating in the United States, causing many retailers to drop the game.

    Want to know more games that had r-rated scenes that were cut? Then click the button below:

  • Tv Presenter Anti Ageing Chip 1

    TV Presenter Has Anti-Ageing Chip Implanted In Her Bum

    A popular TV presenter has had an anti-ageing chip implanted in her bum to help her keep up with the next generation of stars. The chip is pre-loaded with oestrogen and she says that it has already done the trick.

    Elsa Anka, 57, is a well-known TV star in Spain. She had the tiny chip surgically inserted in her backside in a bid to stop her being overshadowed by younger people who are following in her footsteps.

    It is said that the oestrogen chip can continue working for up to six months. The procedure costs the equivalent of about £340 GBP.

  • Giraffe Shatters Panicking Drivers Car Window

    Giraffe Shatters Drivers Car Window At Popular Safari Park

    During a visit to a Safari Park in Britain a Giraffe shatters a drivers car window after its head got stuck. The driver got spooked by the huge size of the Giraffe and tried to roll the window up. Unfortunately the giraffe’s head got stuck and the glass shatters as it tries to get out.

    Luckily the driver or the poor Giraffe were hurt. The woman was shaken but after a member of the zoo staff checked the animal and assured her it was not injured, everyone was relieved.


  • Embarrassing Turn Ons

    These People Are Sharing Their Embarrassing Turn-Ons

    What one person may find an embarrassing turn on, another might not. These people have shared their own embarrassing turn-ons that will raise eyebrows including Clown Girls.

  • The Exact Moment That These Stars Knew There Marriages Were Over

    The Moment These Stars Knew There Marriages Were Over

    Relationships in Hollywood have taken different shapes and forms over the years. In the sad event that a union does come to an end, there are stars who have a recollection of the timeframe or exact moment they knew a permanent split from their significant other was inevitable.

  • Parachutist Dies When He Jumps Without a Chute 1

    Tired Parachutist Dies After Jumping Without a Chute

    An expert parachutist with over 800 jumps dies when he jumped without a chute. He may have been tired or preoccupied with filming when he made the fatal mistake, officials said today.

    The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the death of Ivan Lester McGuire. They want to see if pilot Mark Luman had checked to see if McGuire was wearing a parachute.

    McGuire, 35, was carrying video equipment to film a student and an instructor from the Franklin County Sports Parachute Center when he jumped to his death from an altitude of 10,500 feet.

  • Ashley Graham 1

    Ashley Graham Divulges Her Simple Beauty Secrets

    Ashley Graham divulges her simple beauty secrets whilst flaunting her enviable curves in a black lace bodysuit by the stunning French coastline.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer

    The Most Notorious Serial Killers In History

    Sometimes the biggest threats to our life are just outside our doorstep, lurking in the minds of depraved individuals. Here are some of the most notorious serial killers in history.

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